Chick-fil-A hands out Free Lemonade to BLM after being targeted by group. Where is apology from BLM?

On July 16, BLM attendees protested outside a Chic-fil-A restaurant where protesters stated they did not agree with the restaurant openly supporting the Blue Lives Matters movement. Chick-fil-A handed out free lemonade to about 100 protesters as they occupied the street.

Johnson City, Tn. Black Lives Matters protesters lined the streets in front of a local Chick-fil-A restaurant in protest of the restaurants support of the Blue Lives Matters support.

Two protest organizers Michelle Horton and Whitney Prater told News Channel 11 they demonstrated in front of Chick-Fil-A because they wanted to send a message to the restaurant chain.

“We want to raise awareness especially with the blue lives matter campaign, which was a way to silence the black lives matter movement. That is one of the reasons that we chose to have it at Chick-Fil-A. We are not targeting that Chick-Fil-A specifically. The national Chick-Fil-A started that campaign”, said Prater.

However the Blue Lives Matter campaign was actually started in NYC in December 2014 by Sergeant Joey Imperatrice. The company Chic-Fil-A had nothing to do with it. Currently retired Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Lieutenant Randy Sutton is the chief spokesman on the national level for the campaign.

During the protest the local Chic-fil-A handed out free lemonade which the protesters accepted. They were just treating EVERYONE with dignity and respect equally. Apparently that is not good enough for Black Lives Matter.

Johnson City Vice Mayor David Tomita took a few photos from the sidewalk on the corner of W. Market Street and State of Franklin Road where owner and operator of that restaurant, Darrell Fowler, and some of his employees handed out lemonade to everyone standing out there in the rain.

As Murray said “It’s not that no other race matters, we are just saying we are the ones under fire right now,”

So apparently, no other people matter and therefore helping, talking about or being kind to anyone but Black Lives Matter people is to be punished with protests?

This must be the case as the WBL reported only two days ago, the BLM movement in Atlanta posted a video falsely accusing the Police of depriving them of food and making it seem as though Police and Chic-fil-A were somehow treating them poorly. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The reality is that these people are targeting people who are treating them very well, fairly and they have no complaint with.

Where are the THANKS that are so richly deserved on a national level instead of protests from Black Lives Matter to Police and Chic-Fil-A? How about an apology?

We would settle for getting facts right, but we won’t hold our breath.

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