CNN Don Lemon “I neither support nor don’t support. I simply report”? Not all apparently

Don Lemon And Sheriff David Clarke had a heated exchange on Police Shootings in which Sheriff Clarke was exposing media and BLM for violence against Police. CNN denied it but was it true?

There was a heated exchange between Sheriff David Clarke and CNN Don Lemon on air where Sheriff Clarke stated he had been predicting the violence we now see between protesters and Police for two years.

Every time the Sheriff brought up facts Mr. Lemon attempted to dispute the Sheriff would bring up other facts. Mr Lemon would again attempt to use his silky voice and explain away or dodge accountability. But in fact the sheriff was right on all accounts. The media has been largely responsible for this and it is time to look in the mirror.

This one exchange was finally too much:

Sheriff David Clarke: Lets go back to where this whole thing started in Ferguson Mo. The lie was “hands up don’t shoot” that’s where this whole phony movement started

Don Lemon: Sheriff, you’re talking about Black Lives Matter. So you would need to talk to someone who is a member of Black Lives Matter about whether they are .. have perpetrated a fraud on the American People. I am neither a member of Black Lives Matter. I am neither a supporter nor someone who doesn’t support them. I simply report on Black Lives Matter.



The exchange started at the 3:09mark but the full interview is here via CNN:



Maybe we don’t have to look so far as Black Lives Matter to find out who perpetrated the fraud on the American people? Or is Mr. Lemon suggesting that the four anchors – his co-workers are part of Black Lives Matter?

Maybe, while Don Lemon ponders how he will answer this question he should stop being an apologist for Black Lives Matters and ride in a Patrol car for a while. Perhaps Sheriff Clarke can get him assigned to a nice ride along program for 80 hours?

He can handle a few calls and when he sees what Officers have to deal with on a daily basis his mind will change rather rapidly.

When he sees the difference between someone politely and respectfully handing an Officer their license and registration and accepting a traffic summons, not because they like it but because they are willing to argue in court or just admit that they were wrong in the first place. Rather than scream at the officer and escalate the situation minute by minute because they are SURE the officer only pulled them over because they were pulled over because of their skin color because they saw it on the news.

Media has been one of the greatest purveyors of our problems in the past 8 years of problems between Police and citizens in our country. They own it and there is no backing away now.

As previously reported “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” was proven to never have happened. But media and Black Lives Matters still continue to report it as though it did.

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