Black Lives Matter Cries Foul When Atlanta Police Get Chick Fil A (video)

If this is what protesters can work themselves up over, it is time to rethink the legitimacy of what we are hearing.

Black Lives Matters protesters complain when Atlanta Police Officers get a delivery of food from Chick Fil A while on Duty. However Protesters knowingly enter a premises that they cannot leave then re-enter, cannot bring food or drink on and have limitations while there. They agree to these rules as part of a peaceful demonstration.

They then have the nerve to complain that Officers who are there to keep the peace eat a meal during their work time who are risking their lives, keeping people safe, while Black Lives matters who are there voluntarily protesting, very often with extremely violent outcomes toward officers are free to leave at ANY TIME.

Black Lives Matters has no room to complain. This is just another tactic that they try to make people believe that they are being abused by officers.

  • Is Black Lives Matters working? NO
  • Are the Police working? YES
  • Can Black Lives Matters Protesters leave when they want? YES
  • Can the Officers leave when they want? NO

There is the difference. Black Lives Matters Protesters have no room to complain.

In the video the Original uploader named “Avery” Tweets

APD just served ChicFilA meals while they deny protesters food. This is ATL. #ATLisREADY

No one is being denied ANYTHING. If Black Lives Mattered protesters are hungry. LEAVE. They are all free to go.

This is not a legitimate grievance and it should not be even considered one. Why do agitators continue to take EVERY single issue and blow it out of proportion to use anything they can against the Police?

Can you bring food into a store? No? Yet employees routinely eat their lunches inside stores and even have lunches delivered to them when they can not leave. Yet customers are not allowed to do the same.

Was this really that big of a deal and worth agitating others over?

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