Grimes County, Tx. Sheriff’s Office Amazing Deputy Acknowledged for assisting 2 ladies

A Deputy from Grimes County, Tx was acknowledged in a post by a motorist for assisting 2 ladies in stifling heat. But there is so much more to this story

Dirk Burkett shared a photo and wanted to make sure that as many people saw it as social media could make possible and for good reason. Lets make this one go viral! 

Please share so we can get some good information out about the Police Officers!

With all the negative posts about police I wanted to post our experience. Wayne Tinkham and myself are driving through Texas right now and came across a police officer helping 2 women change a tire on the side of the road, it’s 101 degrees out. We stopped to help out since we had our electric impact wrench. Not only was this officer helping out, but if you look at the picture he was changing the tire by himself before we got there; and he only had 1 arm. If this doesn’t change your mind about the police being bad people, you need some reflection time!  at Grimes County Sheriff’s Office.


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