The Basketball Cop’s got a new web site! Did you see it?

The WBL is Really excited to share this information. Just had a brief exchange with Bobby White and I am so excited to pass this along. Please don’t miss this.

I just saw the Basketball Cop Bobby White’s new web site. Take a minute and check it out. You can find all the latest news on what he is doing with kids, what communities he is working with and who he has been able to donate to.

Bobby White is a Full time Police Officer in Gainesville and got quite a bit of attention when he responded to a call for kids playing in the roadway. Bobby decided that he would play ball with the kids and make some friends instead of kicking them out.

The kids learned to respect the property of others, Officers and how to be safe while playing in their neighborhood. More importantly they were not out doing something destructive.

Bobby has parleyed Hoops for many police departments now and plans on getting them in all 50 states to help kids, cops and communities everywhere.

Check it out and see what you can do to help him. Perhaps you can bring one of his hoops to YOUR community!

Go to the Basketball Cop Foundation located at


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