San Antonio, Tx. Police Department fired upon

Multiple Gunshots Fired at San Antonio Police Headquarters, no persons were injured

San Antonio, Tx. Police Chief William McManus spoke to reporters and briefed them on an incident that happened on July 9, 2016 at about 10:00 P.M. at Police Headquarters.

Shots were fired at the Police Station from an unknown subject. Officers are looking for a man who was described as wearing blue pants and an orange shirt who was seen running away from the police building.

Bullet marks were found on the exterior wall of the building, and shell casings were discovered in a nearby alley, McManus said.

“It’s been shot at before, but not in close relationship with anything like what’s happened in Dallas, and we are not going to be targets,” McManus said. “We are not going to allow our officers to be targets. This is not open season on police officers here in San Antonio or anywhere else. We’re not going to allow that to happen.”

The following was posted on the San Antonio Police Department‘s Facebook page as a message by the Chief of Police concerning the incident:

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