Utica, NY Officer saves child who suffered from an epileptic seizure disorder

A Utica, NY Police Officer saved a child who suffers from an epileptic seizure disorder  as a first responder by recognizing the signs and providing help needed with training he received as a paramedic

Utica, New York Officer Christopher Manion was praised for his assessment and continued work on a child who suffered from a seizure that left the child lifeless. Upon his arrival the Officer noted the child’s lifeless signs and began CPR. 

Paramedics arrived after the Officer and it was agreed that the Officer should continue the CPR on the child while on the way to the hospital rather than turn the duties over to others. The Officer was the one who got the child breathing again and got a pulse from five year old Mike Carpio.

On July 7, Officer Manion was again to meet young Mike and his mother Jenny Carpio who was so grateful for the Officers efforts. She stated “Thanks to God and to the officer, I want to thank you because He used your hands to save my baby and I’m very proud of you, you do a really good job,” said Jenny Carpio, shaking Officer Manion’s hand and tearing up.

The City of Utica, NY Police Department posted photos and the following about the event:

On July 7, 2016, The Utica Police Department held a press conference in regards to Officer Christopher Manion’s lifesaving efforts to help revive Mike Carpio a 5 year old child on June 23, 2016. We were happy to welcome Jenny Carpio, her son Mike Carpio, her daughter Meraly Garcia and the family Pastor Jose Ventura at the Utica Police Department to help share this amazing story. Here are some photographs from the press conference.

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