Brookline, MA. Police Officers ON the Lookout to cite kids – for good behavior!

Officers are looking for kids to write citations to in Brookline, MA. so that they can reward their good behavior.

According to the Brookline MA Police Department They have received some help from community oriented business to reward good behavior to kids under the age of 13 In the form of a “Conehead Citation” kids who are found to be acting safe and responsibly by officers can be issued a citation by officers for a “Conehead” treat redeemable at one of the local stores.

It’s a great way to meet an officer and promote public safety and responsible attitudes by young adults and the youth of the community!

The Brookline MA Police Department made a posting on their Facebook page as follows:

Watch out kids, officers are writing citations!

Officer Katie issuing a Conehead citation for responsible behavior. This summer, officers will be looking for kids under 13 showing safe and responsible behavior, such as wearing a helmet while riding a bike. If an officer notices this good behavior, they could issue a “Conehead” Citation for a free ice cream. A special thanks to Emack and Bolio’s and JP Lick’s for partnering with us for this program!

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