Arizona Police Officers melt for 2 year old with cancer

Officers from the Phoenix Police Department have gone above and beyond for a child that has cancer since they have learned about her fascination with Officers in Uniform. They come to brighten her day.

On February 25 Natalie Willard was diagnosed with stage four high risk Nueroblastoma at Phoenix children’s hospital. After becoming fascinated with Officers and uniforms Officers learned that seeing them brightened her day. Since then Officers have been paying this beautiful little girl special attention.

 City of Phoenix Police Department has posted a few photos and comments as well as the childs Facebook page where you can learn more about her plight. There is also a GoFundMe page where you can help out the family who is now traveling and staying with the toddler as she battles for her life.



A short while ago little Natalie Dawn, who suffers from a serious illness, was in New York for treatment when she saw a police officer in uniform. Since that time a fascination with police has grown in Natalie, so much so that her family created a Face Book post asking officers to visit with this very special child. Phoenix Police Officer Norman Heur heard the call. Norman gathered his squad mates (23X squad) from the Phoenix Police Black Mountain Precinct and the group went about gathering police gifts and memorabilia for Natalie. On Wednesday June 29th the squad deployed to Phoenix Children’s hospital and paid Natalie and her family a special visit. At that moment the squad adopted Natalie and officially gave her the Phoenix Police call sign “237X”; Natalie is now an official member of the PPD 23X squad.


Officers from all over have visited Natalie, depicted below you can see an John from the Peoria Police Department, Officers from the City of Phoenix Police Department and officers Counts and DeLong from the City of Mesa Police Department:

Natalie is heading back to New York for treatment soon, so before leaving PCH the 23X squad circled in prayer with their newest member and hoped for the safe travels and successful medical treatment of their squad mate.

To learn more about Officer Natalie Dawn/237X, please visit her FB page:

Team Natalie Dawn- Natalie’s fighters


The GoFundMePage Help with Natalie’s battle states:


We have had an amazing outpour of support from the police departments around the city! We have pictures of them all. I just wanted to share one photo of the kindness and love these officers have for Natalie. In this photo is a squad that went above and beyond and brought our family and then together joining hand while they said a prayer! We are forever grateful for all our officers that came to show Natalie love and support through this time of her life!

February the 25th our beautiful little 2 year old, Natalie Willard was diagnosed with cancer, what is believed to be a nueroblastoma at Phoenix children’s hospital. The hospital is currently running several tests and trying to come up with a plan of action to treat our Precious girl. Natalie has already received a blood transfusion and is expected to need more of them. We are hoping they begin chemotherapy soon. We expect the family to have to stay at Phoenix children’s for an extended period of time. We are asking for help from our wonderful community of family and friends to help them through this difficult time. Please keep Natalie and the family in your prayers. I am hoping that we can relieve some of the financial burden on them so they can focus on what is important. Both parents will be out of work for however long is necessary to be with Natalie and there will be insurance copays. They will be staying in Phoenix since their hometown Kingman,AZ doesn’t have the resources that they need. Anything you can donate will help! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts



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