Dane County. Wi. Sheriff’s Deputy Runs RADAR but kids have another idea

Dane County Sheriff’s Deputy Todd Huppert was running speed checks and kids took notice, instead of writing speeding tickets he took the opportunity to engage the kids with some fun.

While Dane County Sheriff’s Deputy Todd Huppert was running traffic control two young boys had been watching him from across the road. As they gained the courage to walk up to him they engaged him in conversation. Soon enough they were having a lot of fun with the Deputy as he checked how fast they could run.

A neighbor saw the interaction between the Deputy and the kids and took a photo of it then posted it to social media. It spread like wildfire. Soon media took notice and interviews were done of the Deputy and the person who took the photo. Channell3000 did an interview that covered both of them.

Deputy Huppert said that he kids just wanted to know how fast they could run: “One of the boys said, ‘Hey, can you see how fast I can run?’ and I said, ‘Absolutely,’” says Deputy Huppert.

The photo, taken by Amy Lloyd said she could hear the interaction between the Deputy and boys and repeated what she overheard.

“Before I knew it, they’re just taking off running, and I hear the officer yelling, eleven miles per hour and I thought how sweet,” says Lloyd.

The Deputy had used his speed laser gun to find out how fast the kids were running.

“I think that little moments like that are the things that make a difference in a child’s life, and it really blessed my heart and I wanted to share the kindness with others,” says Lloyd.

Amy Lloyd posted the Photo to Facebook and the Dane County Sheriff’s Office shared it along with what she wrote, it stated:

This is what kindness looks like. I spotted a police officer across the street from our house watching for speeders. Initially two little boys who looked to be about 10 years old sat on a curb eyeing the officer and his motorcycle closely. Once they gathered the courage to approach him, he talked with them for a couple minutes and showed them his police speed radar. I watched as they chatted, thinking how fun this must be for those boys. Then one of the boys started running quickly across the side road, and I heard the officer yell, “Eleven miles an hour!” The boys and the officer cheered for their fast speed. And I cheered on the inside for having a public servant in Madison, WI who pauses to show kindness in the midst of his daily tasks! I snapped this photo right as the runner was coming to double check his speed. 😉 Remember neighbors: Kindness spreads, and today on a street corner in Madison, Wisconsin, it’s speed was eleven miles an hour!
*Edit: I have learned that the officer in the pic is Deputy Todd Huppert, a motor officer with the Dane County Sheriff’s Office. Thanks to Officer Huppert for going above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of others!



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