St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Shares heartwarming Photo of Deputy and his 5 year old daughter

Photo Captures special moment between Deputy and his 5 year old daughter

The St. Johns County, FL. Sheriff’s Office shared a wonderful Black and White photo of a Deputy and his daughter moments before he starts his shift.

It’s no secret that our Deputies make it a point to “Take Care of People,” but it’s the families at home that help “Take Care Of Deputies!” One proud momma sent us this:

“This is our daughter sending her favorite person in the whole world, her daddy (Deputy Lewis), off to work for the night shift with goodnight kisses. I caught this before he walked out the door. She is 5 and she always gives him a goodnight kiss before he leaves when he’s on nights. Her world stops and starts with her daddy.”

Our families…and yours…are why we do what we do.


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