Cape Girardeau Police Officer helps youngster who had mishap with bike at scene

A Cape Girardeau Police Officer assisted a young boy who had a minor mishap with his bicycle because it had no breaks and then he assisted him again by getting him a new bike.

In Cape Giradeau there was a structure fire that caused quite a stir. A 7 year old boy named Shont-tez Bell was passing through on his bicycle as he lived in one of the apartments that had been on fire as Officer Matthew Peters was on a detail near the fire trucks.

Shont-tez had to lay down his bike to avoid being hit by a vehicle as his bike had no breaks and Officer Peters witnessed it. The Officer checked on the boy to make sure he had no injuries and found out that the child had no breaks on his bike.

The Officer and child spoke about being safe after Shont-tez got cleaned up by one of the paramedics that was on the scene from an Ambulance crew for the scrapes he received as a result of laying down his bike in such a quick fashion.

The next day Officer Peters went to a local Wal-Mart and asked if they would donate a bicycle to the 7 year old because it wasn’t safe for him to be riding without breaks on his bike that was not really serviceable. The local Wal-Mart manager named Renee Fischer approved the request.

Officer Peters then went to Shont-tez’s aunt and grandmother and sought permission to take the child to the store to pick out his new bicycle and they agreed to let him.

Shortly thereafter Shont-tez was riding a new bike through the store thanking the Officer and Wal-Mart for the gift he will certainly enjoy and be safer with thanks to the Officer’s efforts.

Cape Girardeau Police Department

Posted a photo and a short summery of what happened on their Facebook page as follows:

On Tuesday, June 7, 2016 while blocking traffic for a structure fire at Sprigg and Morgan Oak, Officer Peters observed a 7 year old boy riding a bicycle across Morgan Oak. A pickup truck rounded the corner and the boy attempted to use his feet to stop the bike but had to lay it down to avoid getting hit by the truck. The boy got up from the ground and Officer Peters met with him. They boy said his name was Shont-tez Bell and he had to lay his bike down because it had no brakes. He asked Officer Peters for a band aid so Officer Peters took him to the ambulance that was a couple blocks away at the fire for treatment. While speaking with Mr. Bell, Officer Peters learned that it was his apartment that was on fire. The next day Officer Peters was able to locate Bell, and take him to Walmart. Renee Fischer of Cape Girardeau Walmart was able to help with getting a new bicycle, WITH BRAKES, for Bell.

Officer Matthew Peters, Shont-tez Bell and Renee Fischer (Photo Credit: Cape Girardeau Police Department






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