Yarmouth, MA. Police (JR.) Officer thanks well-wishers after she undergoes 10th spinal surgery

The Yarmouth, MA. Police Department has recruited a very brave and strong 8 year old little lady into their ranks who has undergone her 10th spinal surgery. She recently gave her many well-wishers a special thank you that must be seen.

Yarmouth, Ma. Jr. Police Officer Leah Archambault has undergone her 10th spinal surgery for a congenital malformation involving a split in the spinal cord known as diastematomyelia.

Leah normally did not receive any cards in Boston Childrens hospital where she had been receiving her corrective surgeries and the Yarmouth Police Department posted requests that their followers send some to brighten her day and send well wishes to her as encouragement.

Jr. Officer Leah, received so many cards that she was not able to respond individually and has not even had the opportunity to read them all yet as of this time!

That is not to say that the well wishes went unnoticed or were unappreciated by the young lady who has such a strong spirit and is such a fighter. She joyfully thanked everyone in a heartfelt YouTube video for their well wishes in the same Police Uniform that she was issued by Yarmouth Police Department, which by the way she also wears into her operations to give her strength!

Of course when she leaves the hospital she receives a Police escort by the Yarmouth Police Department as is expected from an injured hero returning home!

The WideBlueLine salutes Jr. Officer Leah Archambault and wishes her a speedy recovery and a very happy long life.


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