Kansas City woman reunites with Officer who helped her through troubled childhood after 20 years!

A woman reunited with a Kansas City Police Officer who was always there for her through the very worst times in her life growing up.

Kansas City, Missouri. Klynn Scales does not have very many happy memories about growing up with her mother and two brothers. Having suffered malnutrition, living in a household of drug abuse and violence there was not much to be happy about. But she did have one constant she could depend on, that was Kansas City Police Officer Jeff Colvin.

Scales spoke with Fox4KC and explained that after 20 years she still remembers growing up in such a bad situation and that the officer would tell her as a child that “Through all the bad situations, I would just picture him saying that he was here for us and that if we ever need him, he would be right there, He would always protect us, and so those words would come to me during the worst times of my childhood life.”

Indeed the Officers promise held true on more than one occasion as well. Although she never knew his name, he would check on the family daily stopping by the house. One day when Klynn didn’t come out to meet him he knew something was wrong. The officer went inside to find her very will and he took her to the hospital. She was suffering from malnutrition.

The Officer made an impact on her life, “He was that one person that I trusted in my life as a kid,” Scales said.

Of course Officer Colvin, like most other Officers wondered if he ever did any good in his career choice, He told reporters: “Most times we go through our career not realizing we truly helped anybody out,” Colvin explained. “That was the case with me where I wondered if I was even in the right career path.” He wondered about Scales specifically “I had actually thought about her and wondered whatever happened with her … when I was over by the old east patrol station,”

Of course Scales didn’t even know Colvin’s name a a child growing up. But years later when she had moved to Texas she was moved to find out and worked hard to do so. She enlisted the help of an officer to find him so she could properly thank him herself.

“I just never thought that this would happen, to find my hero,” Scales said.

Scales now plans on becoming a Police Officer herself and is starting the application process in in Houston, Texas in two months.

Klynn wrote on her Facebook wall the following and the Kansas City Missouri Police Department Was happy to share it:

Story of the day. I finally found my hero, again. Our story is at the end of this. Thank you Kansas City Missouri Police Department!

Jeff Colvin is not just a hero to me,but my guardian angel also. He was there when I had no one. I remember seeing his face with the bright circle light around him. When I told him, I couldnt breathe, he saved me from malnutrition. I want him and every police officer to know that what you do, no matter how small or big, you can make a positive impact in someones life, like he did mine. I am here today and have the passion of helping others and law enforcement because of him. I know right now, many law enforcement officers, especially now, are questioning if they made the right career choice with only the bad stories being shown. I hope that Jeff Colvin and my story will be a inspiration to others. 🚔


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