Sparks, NV. Police Department helping the homeless

Sparks, NV.Police are bringing services directly to those in need. With help from local service organizations like Catholic Charities and the Reno-Sparks Gospel Mission, along with Reno Police, the goal is to help them reach a stable lifestyle.

The Sparks Police Department wrote the following message on their Facebook wall to inform the community of their efforts with this video to explain what they are trying to do to assist homeless people.

In an effort to help the homeless community that is living along the Truckee River, the Sparks Police Department will be conducting outreach along the Truckee River corridor on June 28 and June 29, 2016. Assisting us in this will be Sparks Public Works, the Reno Police, Veterans Affairs, Kids to Seniors Korner and numerous other local service groups.

We are aware that citizens have been living along the river corridor. While it is not illegal to be homeless, several concerns have arisen from illegal encampments along the river to include health and safety concern that affect all members of our community. Trash, discarded hypodermic needles and discarded human waste are among the issues to be addressed. The Truckee River is the major source of drinking water for our community and deserves to be protected.

We will be contacting individuals along the river and trying to match their needs with available services. We will also be removing trash, discarded items and assessing further needs of people around the area.

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