Denton, Tx. Police Officer pays it forward (in a big way) to 7 year old boy

A Denton, Tx. Police officer took a report from a 7 year old boy regarding the theft of his bicycle tire.

In Denton, Tx. 7 year old Jay had his bicycle tire stolen from his bicycle.  Officer Rodney Bolin came to take a report but didn’t think he would be able to recover the boys tire. He tried his best to make the boy feel better and told him he would make it right.

A couple days later Officer Bolin met Jay with his mother Melissa at a local Walmart and bought Jay a new bicycle so that the 7 year old could drive safely.

The Denton Police Department was thanked with this note on their Facebook wall and photo of the event:

“This is Officer Bolin and Officer Keith. The front wheel was stolen off Jay’s bike right before we moved. Hurt, angry and frustrated, I called the DPD to report it. I honestly didn’t expect much of a response, after all it’s just a little boy’s bike wheel and I know the police have more important jobs to do but, I had hoped they might catch whoever did this. Pretty soon Officer Bolin showed up. He was concerned and courteous and told me to tell Jay that he would make it right. Today (Thursday) he did, and then some. He bought Jay a whole new bike!!! I thought we were getting a tire! This is the kind of man protecting my community. From crime scenes to little boys bikes, this Officer showed my son that the bad guy did not win, and healed his little heart because that bike was my son’s pride and joy. DENTON’S FINEST!!! I am so humbled and so appreciative, what an awesome officer and gentleman! Thank you Officer Bolin!”


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