Cleveland County, OK.  Sheriff’s Deputies K-9 rescue 2 Lost Boys

An 8 and 12 year old were rescued by Cleveland County Sheriff’s Deputies K-9 team

Cleveland County youths were found with minor scrapes thanks to the efforts of a Sheriff’s Department K-9 team during the 95 degree heat and humidity.

The following was posted on the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office, OK Facebook page regarding the event:

About 1:40 p.m. Friday, the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office received a call about two lost boys in the woods near Noble. Deputies Shroyer and Stasyszen were assigned the call. Dispatchers told deputies that the cell phone pinged to the area west of 156th Street and south of Post Oak Road. Upon arrival, Deputy Shroyer deployed his K-9 partner Django . K-9 Django lead deputies to the boys’ location. The children were unable to navigate their way back home after being lost in the 95 degrees temperatures surrounded by thick brush and trees. The deputies had to enter a creek containing nearly 4 feet of water to recuse the kids. Thanks to the deputies and K9 Djano, the boys were reunited with their parents! Big thanks also to the Cedar Country Fire Department and Noble Fire Rescue!


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