A citizen backs the Blue – a must read and share

Someone decided that they would snap a photo then post it with bad information just because they dislike Police. A photographer decided to investigate the criticism:

This is what was posted in a picture and what was found out to be the truth that was posted on Facebook. It is great to know that the Lubbock, Tx. Police Department has someone watching their back as well as Tracy Moore does!

This is what Tracy Moore Wrote in response to this photo:13521967_10207863991655243_5687073292161886677_n.jpg

Dear Facebook Friend,

You posted this photo yesterday of a Lubbock police officer with the comment, “Tax money hard at work. He was taking a nap when I drove by.” In one of your comments you said, “That’s why cops are a.k.a easy money.” You ignored my comment when I asked you to elaborate on that statement. I went on about my day, but unbeknownst to both of us, a supervisor had already caught wind of your post and an investigation into the actions of the officer was initiated. I assume you are a “tax paying” citizen, therefore, it’s only fair that I share the findings of the investigation with you.

The photo was taken from afar in the area of 4200 Ironton. After the officer was identified, the in-car and body worn videos, and computer history revealed the following:

During the time of question, the officer was awake and completing a 9-page report that began with a call for service to 2400 W. Loop 289 in reference to a disturbance and theft involving two businesses. The officer’s thorough investigation led to the identification of two suspects.

On the day in question, the officer worked 12 hours and 13 minutes. He made 2 traffic stops, responded to 3 separate burglary alarms, a suspicious vehicle in an alley, a hit-and-run accident, a vehicle burglary, a civil disturbance, made an arrest for theft, a civil dispute and overdose, a theft in progress, and assisted a motorist on Loop 289. The officer did not take a lunch break during his shift.

There is nothing wrong with your photo, but perhaps the caption should instead read, “Tax money hard at work. Thank you, Officer.”



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