West Palm Beach, FL. Police help distribute food

Police & community help families in West Palm Beach

Farm Share and the the West Palm Beach Police Department plans to distribute fresh fruits and vegetables to 12,000 families on Saturday June 25, 2016

The West Palm Beach Police department has teamed up with a community nonprofit group known as “Farm Share” to distribute produce to the residents of West Palm Beach on Saturday

Farm share gets produce from local farmers to share among the residents at no cost to the consumers and relies solely on donations from the public.

About 80 – 100 Police Officers and citizens will be at Gaines Park located at 1501 N. Australian Ave.  distributing food to the public between 9:00 A.M. and 12:00 A.M.

Pre-registration is advised!!  To pre-register visit www.wpb.org/police

The Police department has ordered enough produce to feed approximately 12,000 families!

A food-distribution-flyer can be found here

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