Las Vegas, NV. Officer surprises motorist only to pay it forward

A woman who was driving to work became very nervous when a Las Vegas Police officer paid notice to her. Afraid she was going to get a ticket; instead the officer did her a kindness.

Dorothy Ortiz was driving to work on her 45 minute commute when she noticed a Las Vegas Police Officer activated his lights for her to pull over. Afraid she was getting a ticket and not knowing what she had done wrong, she was fearful.

When the officer finally had her pulled over he asked her to roll down the window and he told her she was getting a flat tire. Ortiz was relieved and expected that to be the end of it, but it wasn’t.

Instead of sending her on her way to seek a gas station to fix the tire, the officer asked her to stay where she was. He went to his vehicle and returned a few moments later with tools to change the tire for her on the side of the road.

Ortiz was very happy that the officer had done her such a great favor, but he refused any praise stating he was just doing his job. However while the officer changed her tire on the hot pavement Ortiz took a photo of him changing the tire with her cell phone and later uploaded it to her Facebook page with the note:

There really are good officers out there. I had a flat, didn’t know about it. He pulled me over and tried to fix it. Thank you so much metro.

Dorothy Lopez Ortiz

Ortiz told news stations that officers don’t get the credit they deserve.


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