1st Help is now available to all first responders and family members

A long anticipated program is finally available as an on line portal developed to assist all first responders from those in crisis, education and reporting of traumatic events.


The WBL has been waiting for this service to go live believing that it can help first responders in need. Please share this link so that police, fire, and EMS responders, dispatchers, and corrections officers — as well as their spouses — who are in crisis or at risk of suicide always have an alternative and resources they deserve.

– Provide a central, GLOBAL support database so First Responders can confidentially find spiritual and emotional help
– Form an alliance of First Responders that can change legislation and benefits
– Collect PTSI and suicide data that can be presented to affect change

The site 1st Help aims to help users find emotional, financial, educational and religious assistance for first responders along with providing them help if they are in crisis. There is no charge and they do not collect information that will be shared with anyone like your family, department or other agencies. The information that they do collect is in case they need to validate information. They state “We want to provide statistics that may save other lives, not condemn yours”

1st Help is very interested in knowing when any first responder commits suicide. Personal stories of PTSD so that they can prove that it exists within the professions to help reduce numbers of PTSD sufferers and assist them.

They are interested not only in assisting first responders but want to assist those who are not in need yet by gathering the statistics that are part of the profession. This will help them prove that these problems exist and help stop the problems from happening in the first place in many instances: The three main areas that they are looking at are stated as:

When a first responder completes suicide, tell us. We will get the information to the right people. Report it.

Are you a first responder with PTSI? Have you ever had it? Tell us about it so we can prove it happens. Report it.

Are you a resource for First Responders? Do you know of one? We want to include them in our database so the people they help can find them. Register them for inclusion in the provider database.

Karen Solomon the Creator of 1stHelp and Co-Founder of the 1stAlliance wrote in part:

A first responder’s career costs them dearly: it costs all of them their lives – the lives they knew before their careers. It costs some of them their physical lives, and they are now buried beneath the ground. Others pay with their emotional well-being, their normal bodily functions, their friends, families, sense of security, and financial well-being. It costs them their future, their identity, and some of the things they love most. It can also cost them their dignity. Our mission is to help the living, the ones who don’t know where to look for help when they need it.

We’re giving first responders easy, quick access to organizations that can assist them with a range of problems related to their jobs. From peer support to mental health care to financial aid – everything first responders need can be found by answering a short questionnaire. Agencies from all around the world, equipped to answer the first responders’ calls, have provided their information and are standing by ready to assist.

The on line 1st Help portal starts off with six basic questions that can help first reponders and clearly states: By answering these questions, we will be able to match you with assistance that matches your current need and occupation. We are not storing any of this data or your IP address, it is not shared with anyone and cannot be retrieved for future use. Please use this with full confidence in your anonymity.

This is not just for The United States, 1st Help covers the following countries and has partners to help serve:

•    United States: Safe Call Now, Serve and Protect, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
•    Canada: Tema Conter Memorial Trust
•    Australia: Lifeline Australia
•    United Kingdom: Samaritans

Also department heads should note; 1st Alliance is  providing free informational cards to any individual or department that would like to hand them out to their members. These cards bear our logo and the website and are a handy reminder that you are never alone. Contact karen@1alliance.org to have some shipped to your department


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