Lee County, Fl. Sheriff Mike Scott backing the blue and the 2nd

Sheriff Mike Scott of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office has made numerous statements regarding gun control and Law Enforcement in general in our time. These are three of his statements.


Sheriff Mike Scott of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office has made his position well known now with three statements in the past few months. His words echo many in Law Enforcement who wish to serve our and have experience on the Street, but leaders are not listening.

Sheriff Scott points out the hierocracy of the administration in his last note on the Lee County Sheriff’s Office’ s Facebook page

On February 25, 2016 Sheriff Scott made the following letter public.

Dear President Obama:

It is an undeniable fact that on June 13, 2008, you publically stated while campaigning, “If they bring a knife to the lighter we bring a gun” and soon thereafter, you were elected President.

As President, you hosted Chicago rapper Lonnie Rashad Lynn, Jr., AKA ” Common” for a poetry event at the White House despite  provocative lyrics among his credits like “tell the law my uzi weighs a ton” and “I hold up a peace sign but I carry a gun”

 Meanwhile, the prosecution rates of federal firearm application offenses are considerably lower now then they were when you took office and sadly, the Northern District of Illinois which includes Chicago and its skyrocketing surge in gun related violence, has the lowest prosecution rate in the nation. I submit that proposing new federal gun laws when we are not aggressively enforcing those we already have falls far short of addressing the root issues of violence in our nation.

While recent communication from you and Vice President Biden regarding ” gun control” seems a stark contrast from your earlier comments, associations, and statistics; the fact remains that your current course of action has effectively served to Hood the streets of America with guns and ammunition at a rate never before seen.

Another fact is that the strictest of gun control laws in Washington, DC and Chicago are also where we find record rates of violent crime and murder. These areas are home bases of sorts for you and clearly demonstrate the fallacies of gun control while underscoring the reality that violent criminals and the mentally deranged are not deterred by laws and will always have access to guns.

It is on this premise and others that I join fellow Sheriffs from across our country and implore you to reconsider meddling with the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding citizens due to the actions of criminals and/or the mentally deranged. I take public safety very seriously but recognize that I can not assign a Deputy to every citizen and business; therefore, I support their individual right to defend themselves. I promote concealed carry licenses, I advocate ownership of lifeforms for sport and peaceful purposes, and while my Deputies and those who protect you and your family carry high capacity magazines for a reason our citizens deserve no less in protecting themselves and their families.

Just underway in my third consecutive term as elected Sheriff, I am writing to assure you that I will not dedicate the precious and limited resources I have to enforcing congressional regulations or executive orders that infringe on the constitutional rights of otherwise law abiding citizens in Lee County, Florida. I am confident that a significant majority of constituents served by the Office of Sheriff in this county prefer that my Deputies and I just continue pursuing criminals.

On June 12, 2016 Sheriff Scott posted the following:

A note from Sheriff Mike Scott:

In recent years, President Obama has issued “executive orders” limiting law enforcement access to armored vehicles and criticizing use of same. As always, his willing partners in the media promote the notion that law enforcement officers should somehow respond to critical events in kinder, gentler fashion. We had examples of this flawed thinking not long ago when the FMPD acquired a military surplus vehicle before Obama put the brakes on that program. We at the LCSO have had an armored Bearcat for years; indeed, the very same style vehicle used earlier this morning to stop the mass shooting in the Orlando nightclub. It’s just this simple folks, bullets are bullets whether they are flying on the foreign soil of Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. or anywhere USA like say, Orlando? This most recent tragedy in Orlando is yet another example of how real the threat can be, and my thoughts and prayers are with the injured and the families of those killed. I am left to wonder how our President and anyone subscribing to his shallow rhetoric about demilitarizing police would respond to a hail of gunfire. It is truly a hypocrite that rides around in armored vehicles while suggesting that the modern day law enforcement officers do otherwise.


Now On June 19, 2016 The Sheriff of Lee County, Fl. Mike Scott posted the following:

A note from Sheriff Mike Scott:

In predictable fashion, President Obama and his acolytes immediately responded to the recent tragedy in Orlando by blaming guns. In turn, gun and ammo sales skyrocket, as they have in every instance prior; making Obama’s rhetoric once again largely responsible for record numbers of guns and ammo flying off shelves across this nation. Mere hours before hundreds were killed by ISIS in the gun-free zone of Paris, Obama is on record declaring ISIS as being “contained.”

Recall, not long ago he referred to them as the JV Team. More aggression would follow, demonstrating he hasn’t a clue and that ISIS is not “on defense” as he also stated publically; they are very much “on offense.” Every law abiding citizen in this country has and should have the right to protect themselves, their business, and their family. The first responder is rarely a law enforcement officer…the first responder is typically the victim. Those who think terrorists or anyone else that is mentally insane or criminally inclined will comply with new gun laws are sadly mistaken. Televised beheadings involved knives, Oklahoma City involved fertilizer, 9/11 involved airplanes, and the Boston Marathon involved pipes. Need we more examples of the resolve to do damage with or without guns? If you look like food, you will be eaten and increasingly so over the last (8) years, examples of our vulnerability abound under a Shepherd and some sheep who seem unable or unwilling to realize that the wolf is not a gun.

My team and I operate a fantastic, indoor shooting facility in addition to other great shooting facilities in SW Florida that are privately operated. I encourage firearms familiarization and training for the law abiding citizens that are so inclined, and concealed carry applications are available at my offices around the county. Additionally, we are happy to visit businesses, places of worship, or community groups with personal safety and situational awareness presentations that I know you would find interesting and helpful.


About Lee County Florida Sheriff Mike Scott:

When Mike Scott took charge of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office in 2004 following a 62% mandate in that election, he became just the 12th person to oversee the agency since 1887.  Sheriff Scott was re-elected by large margins in the Primary and General Elections of 2008 and again in 2012.  The North Fort Myers High School graduate and third generation native of Lee County has seen many changes over the years.  His family’s roots date back to 1910 and Scott, 51, still lives in North Fort Myers with his wife Krista (28 years married).  Daughter Lindsay is a Lawyer and Mackenzie is a senior in College.

Sheriff Scott is a 1985 graduate from the University of South Florida and holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.  He also holds numerous law enforcement certifications from specialized training over the years.  In June 2010, he graduated from the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA and was selected by his 260 classmates to give the commencement speech along side the FBI Director.

Sheriff Scott has served during the very best and very worst economic conditions Southwest Florida has experienced which have provided a wide variety of challenges.  He is quick to credit his staff of more than 1,500 for the many successes of the agency and he remains proud to serve.


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