Gainesville, FL Police Officer helps elderly victim and replaces stolen groceries

A Gainesville, FL Police Officer took it upon himself to buy a 74-year-old man a month’s worth of groceries after his items were stolen while he was getting off a bus.

In Gainesville, FL a 74 year old man who got off a bus with his groceries made the mistake of putting them down. A female stole the months’ worth of groceries the pensioner had just purchased with an allotment of $85.00.

Officer Franklin went and took a report and then he took the 74 year old Mr. Hasan grocery shopping where Officer Frankin replaced the months’ worth of groceries that had been stolen out of his own pocket.

The Gainesville Police Department posted the following photo and news release about the incident:


Ofc. Franklin was dispatched to the Seagle Building in reference to a theft. Saleem Hasan, 74 years old, got off a bus and put his grocery bags on the ground. An unknown female walked past him and stole his groceries. Mr. Hasan has difficulty with mobility. The $85 of groceries was due to last him the whole month. Ofc. Franklin took it upon himself to go to the Publix where he purchased the groceries and see if they could help with the replacement. They did and with the receipt Ofc. Franklin purchased all the same items and took them to Mr. Hasan. He was very appreciative. These are the efforts that our officers are doing on a regular basis that show the citizens how much we care.

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