Yarmouth, MA. Police help Disabled vet and family after they were robbed

A disabled Marine veteran and his family went on vacation and were taken advantage of by a man who stole their belongings. Thankfully Police and community paid it forward.

Yarmouth Police Officers helped out a Marine Corps Combat Veteran along with his wife and two children after a man unscrupulously took advantage of them while they were enjoying activities.

The Police Department reported that the man befriended the family and at his first opportunity, took their belongings leaving them stranded no their vacation without identification, cash or bank cards among other items.

The Cape Cod Inflatable Park where the larceny had been committed was kind enough to give the family $100.00 to help with the cost of gas, food and lodging for the evening while the family made other arrangements as a temporary fix so that the family could return to Plymouth.

On Thursday, when the family arrived at the Yarmouth police station to help with the investigation, the department presented them with funds from the US Marine Corporal Nicholas G. Xiarhos Memorial Fund at Citizens Bank.

The fund was set up in memory of Yarmouth Deputy Police Chief Steven Xiarhos’ son, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2009.

Employees and customers at the bank also made direct donations to the family, police said. Fox25 reports that three restaurants and two hotels in Yarmouth have also offered to host the family.


From the Yarmouth Police Dept. Facebook Page

Yarmouth Police Investigate Theft from Disabled US Marine and his Family

On Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at approximately 7:18PM, Yarmouth Police Department Patrol Officer Connor Burnham responded to the Cape Cod Inflatable Park for a report of a larceny. Patrol Officer Burnham arrived and met with the victims, disabled United States Marine combat veteran Robert M. Watson and his wife who reside in Jacksonville, North Carolina and are here on vacation with their two young children.

The Watson’s explained that they are staying at a hotel in Plymouth and came down to Yarmouth for the day. While at the Cape Cod Inflatable Park, they met a man and his young son who befriended them and thanked him for his service as a Marine. The victim and his wife and children left their belongings to take their children down a slide for a few minutes. When they returned, the man was gone. At the same time, they realized that their belongings—which were all together in a beach bag—were missing. Inside the bag were both of their wallets and all of their identifications, cash, and bank cards. Also taken were Mr. Watson’s military identification cards veterans’ affairs card, health care card, and social security card.

They began walking around trying to find the man but could not find him. Workers on scene offered to help. One of the workers stated that she saw a heavy set man walking out of the park carrying a bag matching the description of the stolen beach bag.

The victim and his family were left with no money or identification.
Cape Cod Inflatable Park gave them $100 so they could have food and gas money for the night and they returned to Plymouth.

The family returned to Yarmouth today to assist in the investigation and were treated to a tour of Yarmouth Police Department Headquarters and given monies from the US Marine Corporal Nicholas G. Xiarhos Memorial Fund at Citizens Bank. While at the South Yarmouth branch, several customers and employees who heard the story while waiting in line made additional cash donations directly to the family.

The Watson’s are expected to stay in the area tonight and travel back to Jacksonville, North Carolina sometime within the next few days.

Yarmouth Police are actively following a lead and expect to have more information regarding the suspect soon.
Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Yarmouth Police Department immediately at 508.775.0445 or email us at info@yarmouthpolice.com

This media release was prepared and distributed by the Command Staff of the Yarmouth Police Department. For further information please call the Office of the Chief of Police at 508-775-0445 extension 2115 or email us at info@yarmouthpolice.com

Kevin Lima Wanted by the Yarmouth Police Department


WANTED BY THE YARMOUTH POLICE DEPARTMENT FOR STEALING FROM DISABLED UNITED STATES MARINE Please read and share…. Thanks to a relentless investigation, the Yarmouth Police Department has positively identified the man responsible for stealing all of the personal belongings of a disabled United States Marine combat veteran and his family and have obtained a warrant for the arrest of KEVIN LIMA of Acushnet, Massachusetts. The suspect is believed to currently be in the greater New Bedford area. Law enforcement in that area and New England wide have been advised and are actively seeking him. If anyone knows of his location, please contact your local police immediately. WANTED PERSON Kevin Lima
DOB: 12/18/79
6 Garrison Lane
Acushnet MA 02743

Wanted for:
266/30/A – Felony Larceny over $250
266/37/B – FelonyLarceny of a Credit Card


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