Clark County Ind. Sheriff’s Office first ever Hero’s Camp for kids

The Clark County Ind. Sheriff’s Office hosted the departments first-ever “Hero’s Camp” this week to introduce local kids to law enforcement officers. The summer program’s goal is to familiarize kids with Police officers so that they are less afraid of them and break stereotypes.

Clark County, Ind. Sheriff’s Department has embarked on a summer program where children from the grades of 3rd through 8th were invited to attend to meet and partake in activities based on their age ranges to help familiarize them with Police Officers and what Officers really do.

The camp was held at the Departments training center where the kids were able to attend indoor as well as outdoor activities and see a variety of things that they would normally only see on television when it comes to Police officers.

Kids were shown everything from Patrol vehicles, mobile command center, boats and helicopters, to K-9’s being demonstrated and Horses that are part of the mounted units.

There were activities for the kids to play with like a large inflatable bounce house and younger kids connected with an adult sized Eagle named “Eddie” (yes we know it was just a person dressed up in a costume – but lets just keep that between us)

Most of all the kids got to talk with the officers who were there to spend one on one time with them in a way that showed them Police Officers are just people too. That Officers are there to help them and not someone to be feared.

Many photos were taken of the events that were going on and were posted to the Departments Facebook page:


A video was posted along with the following caption:

Mark Goodlett was live. Clark County Sheriffs Officers entertaining the Kids at Jamey Noels 1st Clark County Sheriffs Camp!

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