Washington County, UT. Sheriff Search and Rescue saves man in river           

A man screaming for help was saved by Washington County Sheriff’s search and rescue teams

On Wednesday Morning a man was heard screaming “I’m dyin” by a resident near Quail Creek Reservoir. Sheriff’s Serch and rescue operations were contacted and rushed to the scene.

They found the man who was screaming for help in some thick brush according to Washington County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Liaison Deputy Darrell Cashin who stated “They were having difficulty getting to him because the brush was so thick, so they asked for Search and Rescue to respond. We were focused on the best way to get him out through all the brush. We were coordinating the logistics of getting a Stokes basket to them.”

“They decided to take the Razor all the way in, figuring that would be the easiest way,” Cashin said. “It’s a quick way to get him out without using all the man power, so that’s what they did.”

“They found him wearing nothing but shorts. No shirt. No shoes,” Cashin said. “He kind of beat up his feet pretty bad. He was cold, he was shivering and he was unable to walk out on his own.”

The man had hiked into the location from the Quail Creek Estates area, Cashin said, but why the man hiked to that location and how long he had been there was unclear.

It was also not immediately clear where the man is from. Police believe the man is possibly a transient, Hurricane City Police Sgt. Brandon Buell said.

Crews were able to get the man out of the area and drive him up to a waiting ambulance. The man, however, refused ambulance transport to the hospital.

According to St. George News first responders were able to find someone that the man knew who was able to take him with them.

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