Westminster, CA. Police Officers and Community help disabled man get a wheelchair after his was stolen

A homeless man had his wheelchair stolen and was sitting on the ground when Sgt. Donnie Webb found him and asked if he could be of assistance. Within 30 minutes the man was once again in a wheelchair of his own.

Sgt. Donnie Webb of the Westminster, Ca. Police Department came across a gentleman who was on the ground with his belongings spread around him. Webb inquired what was happening with him and the man replied that someone had stolen his wheelchair and he couldn’t get up. 

Sgt. Webb immediately put a call out to Officers who were working explaining what had happened to the man who was homeless and suffering from cerebral palsy. It was necessary that the man have a wheelchair for some mobility. While his wheelchair had been stolen, finding his was secondary; replacing it was primary in the Sgt.’s mind.

Within 30 minutes a replacement wheelchair had been donated by the Mission Palms Healthcare Center who were only to happy to help. One of the administrators of Mission Palms named Craig Orgill said: “We feel like we’re a part of the Westminster community, the police officers come and help us from time to time. If we can give back in any way – it’s a small thing to give away, frankly.”

As for the homeless man who received the replacement wheelchair Sgt. Webb said: “He wasn’t emotional like crying but he had a big grin on his face,” Webb said. “He said something like ‘It’s nice to know there are nice people who do nice things.’”

The Westminster, CA. Police Department Posted the following news release and photos on their Facebook page about the encounter:

WHEELCHAIR STOLEN – As Sgt. Webb was patrolling the streets today, he noticed a homeless gentleman laying on the sidewalk at Beach and McFadden. When he made contact with him, Sgt. Webb learned that his wheelchair had been stolen. Sgt. Webb sent out a message on the MDT “Mobile Data Terminal” which is a message that officers can send to each other and dispatch on the laptops in their units. Sgt. Webb asked if anyone could locate a wheelchair for the man. Corporal Gump went to Mission Palms Healthcare Center and contacted employees who donated a wheelchair to this man. As Sgt. Webb helped him into his new wheelchair for the first time, he was very appreciative and said “Nice things do happen” with a smile.

Thank you so much to Mission Palms Healthcare Center for helping out someone in need and to Sgt. Webb and Corporal Gump for caring so much for this man. We love our community partnerships and in this case, a positive difference was made in someone’s life.


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