Radford, Va. Police Department loses K-9 looks to public to support them for replacement

The Radford, VA. City Police Department recently had to retire their K-9 named “Robbie” who suffered a medical emergency. The K-9 has been in service with the Department for seven years, but recently suffered an unexpected stroke and renal failure. 

It ended the K-9’s career and his handler Master Police Officer Michael Jenkins is without his partner on duty now. The good news is that Robbie is able to retire and live with Officer Jenkins at home like a normal dog in retirement that he has earned.

The bad news is that the Police Department has to replace him and they have not budgeted for this contingency. The cost for a new K-9 runs between $12,000. To $15,000 to purchase and properly train the K-9 itself and its handler as a team.

They have however come up with a way for the citizens of Radford or other areas to help purchase a new K-9. They have partnered with Paddleyax Kayaks who are donating a new Kayak to help pay for the new K-9.

Anyone who is interested can contact Contact Senior K-9 Officer Rob Stultz at 540-440-6214.

The following messages were posted on the Radford, VA. City Police Department Facebook page regarding the drawing and Robbie’s retirement:

The Radford City Police Department announces the retirement of K9 Robbie due to a sudden illness. K9 Robbie served as a dual purpose working dog trained in criminal apprehension and explosive detection. He is a Belgian Malinois with a high work drive who always tried to please his handler Master Police Officer Michael Jenkins. He has served our community with loyalty, bravery and devotion and has a personality that is larger than life.

K9 Robbie came to the Radford City Police Department on September 15, 2011. Prior to his service in Radford, K9 Robbie served in the United States Navy Special Warfare Development Group (SEALS) supporting our Nation’s war efforts in Afghanistan. He was affectionately referred to around the police department as “The Hero;” and he is one in every sense of the word.

Prussian General Carl Von Clausewitz said, “Courage above all things, is the first quality of a warrior.” K9 Robbie always displayed courage, and this courage was infectious to all those who served with him.

Our City and Nation is safer due to his dedicated service. He will be missed patrolling our streets.

They posted the following regarding the raffle as well:

Our friends Paddleyax Kayaks have partnered with us to conduct “Paddle for Paws”, a fundraiser for our K-9 Unit. Paddleyax has graciously donated a 2016 Vibe Skipjack 90 Kayak Package, in Hunter Camo, as a raffle prize. The department is currently facing the replacement of two of our working dogs. K-9 Ruckus is set to retire in the fall, after 6 years of service to the City of Radford. K-9 Robbie was retired unexpectedly due to medical reasons, he served the City of Radford for 5 years and is an Afghanistan war veteran. The K-9 Unit relies heavily on community support, If you’re interested in making a donation, Contact Senior K-9 Officer Rob Stultz at 540-440-6214. Tickets are also available in the Police Department Lobby. The winners will be drawn during the Spirit of America July 4th Celebration in Bisset Park. Thank you all for your support!


They also posted this wonderful tribute to Robbie. We wish him a happy, long retirement at home.

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