Orlando Police Department responds to tragedy with compassion

The Orlando Police Department responded to the worst mass shooting in American History with in a word compassion.

There can be so much said about the Orlando Police Department and the bravery of its officers; however the very first thing that should be said is about their compassion. The very first thing that the Orlando Police Department posted on their Facebook Page was a message of Compassion it was brief and stated:

For emotional support during this time, please call 2-1-1, the information and assistance helpline.

The next thing that they posted was how one of their officers was saved by his Kevlar helmet that stopped the shooters round that would certainly have killed the officer. (Note: this is the same military grade equipment that the federal government wants to take away from Police Officers)

They stated:

Pulse Nightclub Shooting:

Eleven OPD Officers were engaged in a volley of gunfire that killed shooter, now identified as Omar Mateen, 29.

During the gunfire, one of our officers took a round. His Kevlar helmet saved his life.


After that they pledged support for the City and people of Orlando:


And just prior to the Chief of Police making a statement they made this announcement on their Facebook page:

A complete net/victims.listing of victims can be found at cityoforlando.net/victims


Then the Chief of Police John W. Mina made a Statement that was worth of sharing to the general public and they did on their Facebook page:

Here is the email that Orlando Police Chief John Mina sent to everyone in the department moments ago. We grieve with our community.

“On the darkest day of my 25 years at the Orlando Police Department, I wanted to take a moment to tell all of you how proud I am of the work you have done today and will do over the next days and weeks.

We have trained again and again for this type of situation. It’s unfortunate that we had to put those skills to use today. But because of that training and your professionalism, we saved dozens of lives this morning.

Even before the first patrol units arrived on the scene, an OPD officer working extra duty at the club engaged the gunman as he opened fire. Our First Responders and SWAT Team faced a hail of gunfire as they rescued the hostages, and we are blessed beyond words that none of them were gravely injured or killed.

We’ve received an enormous amount of tactical Law Enforcement support from local, state and Federal agencies. The outpouring we have received from our Central Florida community and Law Enforcement across the nation and the world, has overwhelmed me with gratitude.

I know that you have all been affected today by the tragic actions of a lone terrorist who cut short the lives of so many. Our community, our City, and our Department will be grieving in the days, weeks and months to come.

But on a day like today – and every day – I couldn’t be more proud to be your Chief.

Please hug your families tonight. And be safe out there.”

John W. Mina, Chief of Police



So now while days, weeks and months pass with ‘experts’ discussing how long a response took for Orlando Officers to stop the carnage, if it was proper or improper. How the Department acted or didn’t act. Let a few things sink in.

No matter how the Department acted, this was the worst instance of a mass shooing in American history. It was uncharted territory. People will say that this could or should have been done but they were not the ones in the line of fire.

There will always be people to find fault with what the Officers do or do not do no matter what the circumstances. Either they moved with too much force or not enough. They gave the person too much time or they didn’t give him enough time we will hear.

I for one want to hear about what the officers did right from the moment that officers confronted the shooter attempting to keep him out of the club and exchanged gunfire with him. I want to hear about the officers who were off duty and removed people before they became hostages. Tell me about the officers who were nearly killed when they ended the nightmare at the risk of their own lives.

Then tell us about the compassionate officers who were worried that the citizens of Orlando would now face emotional trauma from the incident because they know all too well that such incidents leave scars that are unseen.

Tell us about the compassion of the Orlando Police Department please.



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