Chicago Police Officers reunite family with missing dog after 4 years

Two Chicago Police Officers on patrol were alerted to a stray dog that they took custody of and went the extra mile for. It turned out to be missing from a family for 4 years that they were able to return it to.

Chicago, Il. Police reported that two Officers Nicholas Spacek and Eric Taylor were alerted by citizens to a stray dog that they took into their care around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday evening.

The Officers from the 5th District checked to see if the dog had been microchipped with the owners identification and it had been. They then contacted the owners who were quite surprised as the dog had been missing for 4 years!

The owners names Martinez came to the 5th district and picked up their long lost Chihuahua that they had not seen since around June of 2012.

The Officers said that they were happy that they were able to reunite the dog with the family, but admitted they had become attached to the dog and were ready to adopt the dog themselves.

A press conference was given at the time between the officers and then the family of the retrieved dog.

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