California Highway Patrol pays it forward to young autistic boy who was victimized

A young boy who had his Nintendo game and several games stolen had been very upset for a long time. For months he fretted and worried over it. Members of the CHP decided to help in any way that they could.


In January of this year an 11 year old boy named Andrew had his Nintendo 3DS XL along with several games for it stolen that were in his backpack from within his mother’s locked vehicle.

Andrews mother Yoselyn would drive him around their home town of Salida to look for it as Andrew is autistic and he hoped that he would find it somehow or that someone would return it to him. The Nintendo was his comfort item that he had earned for good grades, doing well in school and having good attendance. He had been collecting games for the game counsel for the past 5 years.

Still months after the theft Andrew was holding out hope that he would find his beloved Nintendo that gave him security and a sense of order either on the streets of Salida or perhaps that someone would leave it on his doorstep.

Inn hopes that he would find some sense of relief his mother Yoselyn brought Andrew to the California Highway Patrol barracks in Modesto to show him that every measure was being taken to retrieve his cherished Nintendo.

Officer Tom Olson listened intently to Andrew and Yoselyn and understood completely how important the Nintendo was to Andrew. Not that this was the “Crime of the Century” or the “Brinks Job” but that it was very important to Andrew and that is what mattered.

The officer sent out an e-mail message to other Officers in the station and explained to them the situation and asked if they would like to donate to help out Andrew. The Officers did in fact donate $320.00 which was enough to buy Andrew another Nintendo along with some games.

Officer Olson then contacted Walmart and explained the situation to them who generously donated another $300.00 for Andrew to go on a shopping spree and purchase more games or whatever else he needed.

Officer Olson contacted Andrew’s mother and told her that the CHP officers had bought Andrew a new Nintendo and would like to present him with it at the station house as a surprise.  Yoselyn thankfully obliged and brought Andrew to the station on June 7 where he was gifted with his new Nintendo by the Officers.

They then told him about his $300.00 shopping spree that awaited him courtesy of Walmart.

Andrew was delighted according to witnesses.  After politely thanking every officer in the room, shaking their hands or giving them high fives he was already asking his mother of they could go to make more purchases from his gift money.

The California Highway Patrol Posted the following Photos of Andrew with members of the Patrol that made this possible and of course the gifts that will make one young boy who will now be more comfortable with his Nintendo. They wrote the following:

The CHP Modesto Area presented a young man with a replacement Nintendo 3DS and accessories. In May, the young man, who has Autism, came into the office with his mother. He explained to Officer Olsen that somebody stole his backpack from his mother’s car. In his backpack were a Nintendo game system and a few games. After taking a “report” for the stolen items, Officer Olsen petitioned the Area officers and was able to raise enough money to replace the stolen items. Officer Olsen also contacted Wal-Mart who graciously offered the young man a shopping spree. Thank you Officer Olsen and the rest of the Modesto crew for making things right with this young man.

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