St. Lucie County, FL. Sheriff’s Deputy Saves Dog then Adopts him

A dog that had fallen in a collapsed septic drain and nearly lost its life was saved not once but twice by a Sheriff’s Deputy

A Deputy from the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office was recently serving paperwork in Fort Pierce when he heard the whimpering of a dog. When the Deputy investigated the whimpering he found a poor dog that had fallen in a septic drain and couldn’t get out. 

The Deputy with the help of an animal control officer was able to get the dog out of the drain and cleaned up. Attempts to locate the dogs owner were successful. The dog was cleaned up and cared for and the deputy who found the dog decided that he was just too cute to leave behind. The Deputy adopted the dog himself.

The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office Posted a story and photos of the dog and Deputy with him on their Facebook page. Taking a look at the dog one can see why the Deputy decided to keep the dog. The poor animal was saved not once but twice.

Recently, deputies were serving civil process paperwork to a home in Fort Pierce. While leaving the house, they heard a dog whimpering. During a search of the neighboring vacant lot, they found a puppy who had fallen into a collapsed septic drain. Scared and exhausted, they pulled him out, gave him several baths and attempted to locate an owner in the neighborhood. Not finding anyone, the pooped pooch was adopted by the deputy that rescued him and is now enjoying a life in the lap of luxury.


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