Mitchellville, IA. Police Officer Pays it forward to stranded motorists who were far from home

A Mitchellville Police officer showed himself to be not only an officer but a gentleman who cared about people who were visiting his community and needed a helping hand.

The Mitchellville Police Department were told about an act of compassion that Officer Jeremy Stevenson had done when he helped two motorists who needed help with a flat tire. He then proceeded to ensure that they reached their destination safely.

Got this real nice message from Kim Hanson Zimmerman:

Ofc. Jeremy Stevenson went out of his way to help Grace and her friend on the side of I80 in Iowa 4 1/2 hours from home when they had a blow out. Ofc Stevenson responded and drove back into town to get a “better” jack and came back out and not only changed their tire for them but escorted them to a local hotel for the night! This Ofc. definitely went above and beyond!! Thank you Ofc. Jeremy Stevenson!
The Zimmermann’s

Does not surprise me at all….and as humble as Officer Jeremy Stevenson is if Kim had not brought this to my attention. I never would have heard about it.


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