Indian River County, FL. Sheriff’s Deputy Saves woman, 2 children and dog from boating mishap

Indian River County, FL. Deputy Christian Mathisen saw a boat in distress near Hutchinson Island, he immediately rendered aid to keep the boat afloat and towed the boat in saving the family.

The Indian Rover County Sheriff’s Department was credited with saving a family over the weekend when a boat was sinking during what was to be a nice day  out on the water. 

Patty Reconco had taken her two children and dog out for a day on the water when about an hour into their pleasant day things went horribly wrong. The boat started taking on water. While she and her older son Ethan, 15 attempted to bail water from the boat she attempted to keep her youngest son Brandon, 12 calm telling him everything would be alright. Brandon is autistic and she feared that he would panic if he knew their situation.

The more that they attempted to do to keep the boat afloat, they realized the more water they were taking on. Thankfully Deputy Christian Mathisen of the Indian County Sheriff’s Department saw them and stopped. He boarded their boat and was able to stop the leak that was allowing water to be taken on to the boat.

The Deputy then attached a tow line and brought the boat and family back to their vehicle where they had launched the boat from.

The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office posted two photographs and a short narrative describing he event: however Patty Reconco told news stations “I know everybody goes their job to the best they can but he went above and beyond,”

This is what was posted on the Facebook page from the Indian River Sheriff’s Department:

Deputy saves two children, a woman, and dog, in weekend marine rescue

This past weekend, Indian River County Sheriff’s Deputy Christian Mathisen was patrolling the Indian River Lagoon, when he observed a small boy on the bow of a vessel flagging him down. The vehicle appeared to be adrift and taking on water. Deputy Mathisen boarded the boat, occupied by two children, their mother, and their dog. He located the source of the leak and plugged it. The vessel was flooded to the point that the bilge pump had failed and would no longer remove the water that had gathered in the boat.

Deputy Mathisen placed the boat in a hip-tow with the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office boat, transporting them to the closest dock. Deputies drove the female to the dock where she originally entered the water to recover her vehicle and trailer. Deputy Mathisen assisted her in securing the boat onto the trailer, making it safe for travel. Indian River County Sheriff Deryl Loar stated, “This weekend’s water rescue is another example of our deputies saving lives. Deputy Mathisen’s expertise on the water helped him prevent a possible tragedy. “

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