CA. Fallen Officers Daughter graduates H.S. – but not alone

Valerie was about 5 when her father Passed away in 2004 and could not imagine him being at her High School graduation, but she was in for a surprise when over two dozen officers from different agencies appeared to wish her well on her special day.

On June 3, Valerie Vasquez attended her graduation ceremony from Exeter High School along with her classmates and hundreds in attendance to witness the joyous occasion. In addition to the normal attendees of parents, siblings, family members and school administrators there were a group of people there just for Valerie. 

Valerie’s father Robert had been a Police Officer with the Farmersville Police Department and had passed away from cancer on September 15, 2004. There was a seat reserved in his honor for him.


As Robert could not be in attendance himself her uncle Sergeant Ralph Vasquez of the Farmersville Police Department had arranged for a surprise for her.

As a show of support for Valerie Officers from Farmersville, Visalia, Tulare and as far as Grover Beach attended her graduation for her out of love, caring, tradition and respect.

As Valerie’s uncle Ralph proudly escorted her to where the officers had been lined up waiting to congratulate her he explained that she had a surprise waiting, her extended ‘family’ of officers wanted to wish her well.

As she approached the Blue Wall of Officers lined up waiting to shake her hand, hug her and acknowledge her graduation Valerie was overcome with emotion and began to cry with tears of gratitude.

She said: “It just felt so good to know that they still care.  And, he’s always in my heart, and it feels really good. It really helps. I know that he’s watching down and that all these people are just great guys and women. I’m just so thankful that they did this”


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