Moore, OK Police Officer arrests woman, she says it was an answer to her prayers

A woman who was addicted to methamphetamine had been pulled over by Sgt. Dean on March, 6, 2014 now she is thankful for being stopped and arrested.

Olivia Reese was stopped for moving violations on March 6, 2014 by Sgt. Dean of the Moore, Ok. Police Department and was arrested. She spent over a month in the Cleveland County Jail before she admitted to herself and the court that she needed help with her drug addiction. 

She had been addicted to methamphetamines for 6 years.

She went through the court assisted drug program that lasted through this month and is now clean of her meth habit and is thankful that she has her life back from her substance abuse addiction.

While sitting in the courtroom and waiting on the judge to affirm that she had completed her program and that she was free to continue her life she had noticed an Officer sitting in the court room that she did not recognize.

The Judge asked her of she knew the Officer but Reese stated that she didn’t. The judge said that she did in fact know the Officer and that he was the one who had arrested her on March 6th and was responsible for getting her the help that she so desperately needed.

Reese was so thankful to the officer she took a picture with him and uploaded it with the note attached to it that was shared on the Moore, OK Police Department’s Facebook page:



Sgt. Dean Said: “She was surprised that I showed up just for her. We just do the job because we’re committed to helping the community. It was awesome to see a positive thing come from what we do every day. You just don’t ever get to see it.”



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