Atlanta, GA. Officer Shooting Update 2 suspects in custody

Atlanta police confirmed an officer was shot near an apartment complex in Buckhead this afternoon.

A police officer was shot in Buckhead, Saturday afternoon, near the Allure At Brookwood apartments on Peachtree Valley Road. 

Police say the officer is alert, conscious and breathing.

The officer was protected from serious injury by his vest.

According to police, there were two people suspected of attempting to break into a woman’s apartment at the Allure at Brookwood apartment complex.

According to detectives, a woman inside the apartment building called 911 to say she heard someone tampering with her door. Shortly afterward, the door was kicked in an apparent robbery attempt.  Police do not think the woman knew the suspect.

The first officer arrived and encountered the suspect in the apartment building hallway.

Police said the suspect shot first.  The officer was hit and fired back, striking the suspect at least twice.

One of the suspects was shot in the shoulder, and the other ran into a wooded area behind the apartment complex.

Other officers joined in and chased the suspect, and another man believed to be involved.  They were caught several thousand feet away on the next street over.

Police blocked off parts of Peachtree Park Drive as they searched multiple crime scenes for evidence.

Witnesses say around 30 officers swarmed the area looking for the second suspect, and found him in about 10 minutes.

The APD officer was hit in the bullet proof vest and has non-life threatening injuries. He was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital. The perpetrator was shot in the abdomen and is in critical condition at Grady Hospital.

Police found a car which they believe the two suspects used to drive to the apartment building and it is now impounded.

Officers from Atlanta Police are investigating 3 crime scenes at this time that were connected to the suspects criminal activities that the officer was responding to.

Both the suspects are in police custody.

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