Shelby County, TN. Sheriff’s Sgt. helping underprivileged children

A Shelby County Sheriff’s Sgt. is going above and beyond to help children stay out of trouble and stay in sports

Sgt. Matthew Mickey Keaton of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee is helping area youths who want to play football as much as he can with their ambition to play safe. 

The Sgt. who works in a low income neighborhood witnessed some kids playing football without proper equipment and is trying to help them as much as he can to keep them playing rather than having them get involved in other things or get hurt.

Sgt. Keaton has taken to social media to ask for help for the kids ages 7 – 12 to continue to play with proper equipment. He is asking for donations of equipment to be dropped off or to contact him so he can make arrangements for pick up. He has also set up a GOFundMe page if anyone would like to donate to the cause for new equipment for the kids team that is named “The Northaven Bulldogs” so that they can get jerseys.

He (Matthew Mickey Keaton) wrote on his Facebook page:

Anyone have any used football equipment they can donate?

I am Sgt. Mickey Keaton with the SCSO. One of the areas that we serve is a community known as Northaven, which is out near the Frayser, Shelby Forest, Millington boarder.

It is a very low income area with a bunch of kids.

I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to watch the Northaven Bulldogs practice, and one of the biggest things they lack is equipment.

So I am asking for help. If you have any youth football equipment that you can donate we would love to have it. Cleats, pants, shoulder pads, helmets….we will take what we can get.

These kids are good kids and they just need some support to keep them on the right path.

I can come pickup the equipment or if you find yourself in Arlington you can drop it at the substation. My cell is 569-5645.

We now have a GoFundMe page for those that wish to contribute financially. This money will be used for uniforms.

Thank you!



The Proper GoFundMe page is  Jerseys for the Northaven Bulldogs And states:

So I need your help, but it’s not for me, it is for the Northaven Bulldogs football team.

I’m a deputy assigned to the patrol division. I recently had the opportunity to be in Northaven during football practice. I met a 9 year old boy who rode a pink bike to football practice. He asked me for a dollar to buy a hotdog after practice.

Now I don’t know his whole story, but he and I talked for a bit over some pizzas we bought him and his friends. He  impressed me with his determination to play football.

In a neighborhood with no shortage of problems it was nice to see a young man willing to go against the grain.

Anyway, I say all that to say this. The whole team is in need of gear, which we have been collecting throughout the community. Now we are looking forward to getting these kids some proper uniforms, so they can truly represent as a TEAM.

This football program is great and is one of the few ways for these kids to be involved in something positive.

So please help us as we try to ensure the Northaven Bulldogs have what they need to succeed.

Thank You,

Mickey Keaton






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