Champaign, IL. Police Officer comforts children who lost home to fire

Officer Lauren Schweizer comforts children of an apartment complex as their home was ablaze and parents were busy trying to make arrangements for their needs.

Officer Schweizer did what she could to keep the children occupied and comforted them while parents were busy talking to management of the apartment complex. “The families were inside… parents were inside trying to figure out what [was going to] happen next and that’s why I was outside with the kids. They needed somebody to talk to and be with the kids, so that’s where I was,” officer Schweizer told Fox Illinois.

“One of the little girls said they were cold and asked if they could hold onto me really they were just scared and needed someone to take their mind off of it as much as possible,” she said.

“We don’t want kids to be scared of police,” Schweizer explained. “I thought it was great to at least show them for a few hours that we do have a human side as well.”

The Champaign Police Department posted some photos on their Facebook page that gathered quite a bit of attention along with the following information:

While assisting the Champaign Fire Department with the working fire at the Town Center Apartments, Officer Schweizer takes some time to comfort some very scared and confused children. Excellent work Officer Schweizer!

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