Brunswick, Ohio A video of a Police encounter goes viral (A false narrative)

Mother of 3 children at her home has a police encounter, she video tapes it and decides that she is being harassed.

On May 17, A Brunswick Police Sgt. Named Jonathan Page was canvassing a neighborhood doing routine interviews regarding the theft of a lawnmower from a neighbor’s garage that had been left open. 

While passing a residence twice in a 3- 4 minute time frame he noticed that a vehicle had been left open and unattended as well as the front door of the home being left open. The third time he passed the driveway he noticed that there were three children in the vehicle and that it had been left running and unattended. This in itself is cause to make further inquiries under Ohio Laws to ensure that the children are not in danger and leaving a motor vehicle unattended.

The Sgt. decided to quickly check that the resident was alright and ensure that no burglary was taking place.

He apparently pulled his cruiser up to either the driveway or on the street and walked up to the door, knocked on the door and announced himself.  It was at this point that the homeowner Ginger Borshov, was “panicked” because “it’s such an aggressive thing to encounter Police officers.”

She states that the officer asked if she lived there and that he wanted to see some identification. This was “Scary” because her “kids are not right next to me or behind me, they are in the car, so he is between me and them. And all of a sudden this Police officer walks up and asks .. demands identification with no other context around this .. um … intrusion .. request. So I’m like hold up! And I run over and I grab my camera and I’m like I’m gonna film this because this is weird and unexpected.”

She goes on to say how everything is so “aggressive” and how “she knows how they are for almost no reason. That any resistance will cause more aggression” she goes on to state “and that’s pretty much what happens”

Yet when she starts filming the officer seems to be anything but aggressive. He appears very polite, calm and is just asking for identification. Which if she had looked at the totality of the situation and thought about how she had left her children in a running motor vehicle unattended.  Considered the fact that anyone could have walked up and taken them maybe she would have thanked the officer for being vigilant.

She stated that she had been running around for 10 – 15 minutes trying to get everything ready for the zoo and she couldn’t get everything together all at once. One can only wonder WHY Ms. Borshov only expresses concern for her children AFTER a police officer is at her door and now that she can clearly see the children in the vehicle when she could not see them before? What is her abnormal fear of Police? What if it was some offender that had placed themselves between her and her children? Would the snacks, the popcorn have been so god awful important then? She apparently was not so concerned leaving them in an unattended running motor vehicle with the doors open while they were not in her sight before a Police officer was there.

These three children could not have been inside the home as she packed the vehicle first with the engine off safe inside perhaps where the oldest could be designated to watch the other two in play pens?

The original video starts off with the officer stating “all I need is a name that comes back to that vehicle and we’ll be alright.” He is calm, composed and quite pleasant.

Yet, this appears to be too complex a request for Borshov “so your saying what? What information .. Your your demanding I prove I live here”

Clearly she is combative and begins looking for a fight. This is here it starts and I will not bore you with the banter back and forth. Borshov becomes more and more aggressive as she attempts to resist reasonable requests to simply identify herself to the Officer who has seen 3 unattended children in a running motor vehicle. He has seen a woman who he cannot identify who can be an ax murderer for all he knows who is part of the Manson family reborn in a home with the door wide open in a neighborhood that has been victimized now.

Had he left and a crime was taking place and this woman was the actual perpetrator. He would have been not only derelict in his duty but if anything happened to the kids in that vehicle he would never have been able to live with himself for the rest of his life.

Yet Borshov is as she titled her video going to “Flex” her “rights” as she becomes more and more aggressive, condescending and curt with the Officer who is only trying to make sure that the kids are with someone who belongs to that vehicle and that home.

I will allow viewers to make up their own minds as to if the Sgt. was right or wrong with a few parting comments.

Borshov states that she saw the officer walking up her lawn. Why then didn’t she walk out to greet him instead of waiting for him to knock on her door and announce himself?

I believe she didn’t ever see him nor did she watch her children in the vehicle. She was taken aback by his presence at the door and her contradiction is noted in her statement.

What is the problem with simply identifying yourself to the officer when he came to the door when he explained that the vehicle was unattended, the door was open and he wanted to make sure everything was alright?

There is no reasonable explanation. She was just trying to see how far she could push the limits of the encounter for her 15 minutes of fame. She expected problems and created them when there was no need for them at all.

While she continues to argue with the officer she states that he “knows” everything is alright because she has told him so. Therefore to continue to ask for identification is ‘harassment’ or an ‘infringement on her rights’

Somehow, Ms. Borshov must believe that her face alone is so wildly known that every law enforcement officer in her city knows her and they know where she lives. Or Ms. Borshov is foolish enough to believe that nobody EVER lies to the police, tells them that they belong in places that they do not and that Police officers are supposed to take people at their word. Would people EVER lie to the Police when being questioned during the commission of a crime Ms. Borshov?  Apparently NOT in some alternate world.

Ms. Borshov states that he children are not unattended; they just are not with her. They are not behind her, beside her. They are just in her car that is in the driveway, while she is inside the house, unable to see them, without an adult to supervise what they are doing. But that is not unattended.

Initially Ms. Borshov complains that the officer does not explain his reason for wanting documentation. She makes it sound as if this would be a reasonable request and that if the officer did that she would happily have giving her identification. But would she really?

No she wouldn’t because she states when the Sgt. gives her the valid reasons, that a burglary in the neighborhood from a residence that had an open door occurred much like her residence. That he was checking the neighborhood. That a vehicle was running in the driveway unattended with children in it. She complains that the Police are using this as a ‘fear tactic’ “and that means no one in the neighborhood can have an open door without the Police pulling up in front of their house and demanding documentation.”

In short Ms. Borshov is doing ANYTHING she can do to be noncompliant, finding fault with any reasonable request and give the Sgt. as much grief as she possibly can all under the guise of “Flexing her rights”.

The Officer was fully within his rights to cite her for leaving the children unattended in a running vehicle. He did not because he was being amiable.

Other websites falsely state that the officer never took her identification down after asking. Yet in fact he did in the unedited version of the video which was not shown and can be seen at the very end as she shut down the video when she finally relented and gave him the most basic information he requested.

Both videos are here; the first titled “Police Harassment   Flex Your Rights” which is the edited version by Borshov and the second titled” Police Encounter   Unexpected ID Check At Home”.

However the only “harassment” I can see is that by a woman being given to a very patient and professional Officer that was trying to protect and serve a woman and three children that could be in danger.

The following is an Official Statement that was written regarding the incident by the Chief of the Brunswick Police Department Carl S. DeForest written on May 23, 2016:



Narrated version by Ginger Borshov

Without Comments



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6 thoughts on “Brunswick, Ohio A video of a Police encounter goes viral (A false narrative)”

  1. I would react the same as the woman. I woul send the officer off of my property because he had no right to enter it.

    1. The officer did not enter the property #1. #2 The officer had passed by twice and seen he children unattended in a motor vehicle unsupervised. Think about this from the officers perspective, anything could have been going on from a home invasion to a domestic dispute to a stolen vehicle in progress where the woman was being held by two suspects i n he home.
      Simply identifying herself would have been much easier and simpler.

      He was only trying to ensure the childrens safety and gather information in the neighborhood – HER neighborhood about thefts to arrest people who had stolen property in the first place. In the end she only did harm to herself by hindering that investigation as he attempted to make the neighborhood safer to begin with.

    1. She is just looking at things from her one sided view of the world. Bet she would be the first one calling that same officer if she needed help demanding he serve her though.

  2. Your ridiculous all you had to say was… OK thank you for checking and that everything is fine that there is no reason for an ID…. @ ♤°◇¿■☆♡◇♧VERY SIMPLE●•♤♤♡♧☆¤¿■

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