Illinios Trooper takes a few minutes to help 6 year old during major investigation

A Trooper took a few minutes that will forever be remembered by a 6 year old as an act of kindness, never knowing the seriousness of the moments surrounding him.

A Post-Dispatch photographer named Cristina M. Fletes and Illinios State Trooper Jeff Karns have something in common. They both understand that even during the worst situations there can be moments that restore your faith in humanity. 

For Trooper Jeff Karns he took a moment to help Arion Harrison, who was having a problem with his bicycle, no doubt a major problem for a 6 year old. The Trooper was on the scene of a fatal shooting at   a downtown carjacking probably assisting with scene security, but took a few moments to help the boy with his impending problem.

Likewise The Photographer from the Post-Dispatch who was assigned to cover the story of the fatal shooting took a moment to snap a photo that deserves to be shared of the Trooper helping the boy. Not exactly the fatal shooting she was sent out to get but a photo of the Trooper still doing his job, serving while protecting and paying it forward.

A great photo that needs to be shared.

Illinios State Trooper Jeff Karns assists 6-year-old Arion Harrison (Photo by Cristina M. Fletes, @cristinafletes




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