Fort Lauderdale Police Department Assists family of 16 with much needed gifts to help in time of need

An officer engages the community to help a family that is struggling and brings them Christmas early

Fort Lauderdale Police Officers along with The Home Depot and other Community members and businesses donated to assist a couple who are raising their 14 grandchildren and great grandchildren. 

Police officer Robert Norvis became aware of the family struggling after there were extensive absences from school this year and he responded to the home to find out what the problem was.

It was during this time that he found out how desperate the situation was.  “Kids just kept coming out of the house. And then more kids. When I saw that I said ‘are you babysitting?’ It turns out they were all her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Whatever the circumstances, she was helping to support them,” said Norvis.

He spoke with Doris Reed who along with her husband who are raising their 14 grand and great grandchildren.

The couple are raising the 14 children on one income from her husband’s landscaping.

It was then that the Officer decided the best course of action was to try and help so he did what he could to get the community involved and bring as many donations to the family as he could.

Clothes, toys, hygiene supplies, laptops and a bed were just some of the items that were acquired through the efforts of Officer Norvis and brought by the caravan of Police vehicles to the home.

“Did you see, Santa Claus came early,” Reed joked with the children through joyful tears.

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department wote on their Facebook page: 

Officers joined forces with The Home Depot and several others to GIVE…. Today We surprised Grandparents who are caring for 14 grandchildren by Giving all the donations that were made of much needed items.

The story was covered on the following stations: WPLG Local 10 / WSVN-TV NBC 6 South Florida CBS Miami



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