Stanislaus County, CA Sheriff’s Sgt. Meets a 4 year old who made his day, returns the favor – check this out

Sgt Longoria was having lunch with his wife and happened upon 4 year old Bentley. The Sgt, thought he was going to surprise Bentley, but was one upped. The story gets better.

As Posted on the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department’s Facebook Page: 

This afternoon, Sgt Longoria stopped at the McDonald’s restaurant on Carpenter Road in Modesto to meet his wife for a quick lunch break. As he ordered his food, his wife told him that he should greet the little boy standing next to him because he had been curiously staring at him. Sgt Longoria turned to look and noticed 4 year-old Bentley was handing his mother some money. Sgt Longoria offered to buy his meal but, learned Bentley’s family had already paid his.

Sgt Longoria and his wife sat down to eat when suddenly; Bentley arrived to their table holding a vanilla ice cream cone in each hand. Bentley said, “Here this is for you and this one is for the girl, and I paid for it with my own money.” This absolutely made Sgt Longoria’s day. What a great act of kindness shown by Bentley! Thank you Bentley for showing us that no matter how old you are we can always take the time to show people we care.

They followed up with this video and commentary:

After meeting at McDonalds and enjoying ice cream, Sgt. Longoria invited 4-year-old Bentley to be sworn in as an “official junior Deputy Sheriff”. Bentley was eager to take his oath and promised to be a good boy! Bentley’s neighbor, Helen, came by to see what was going on and to congratulate Bentley and see his new Sheriff’s badge.


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