New Mexico State Police Agent Pablo Macias pays it forward to person in need

New Mexico State Police Officer helped a homeless person who had no shelter, paying for a tent out of his own pocket.

A state police officer was captured helping someone in need during the storms in Roswell Wednesday.Agent Pablo Macias spotted a homeless man who had no shelter. So he went to a nearby store and bought a tent to help the man out. Someone snapped a photo of the good deed and posted it on social media. 

It was posted on the New Mexico State Police Facebook page:

Yesterday, Roswell received heavy rain with thunder and lightning. While he was working in Roswell, NMSP Agent Pablo Macias met a homeless man who was forced to be in the rain with no shelter. Agent Macias went to a close by store and bought the man a tent so he could have cover from the elements. We felt Agent Macias’ actions went beyond his call of duty and wish to commend him for his display of service to his community.


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