Grand Rapids Police Officer connects with kids and makes friends

An observant officer who takes a few minutes makes a big difference

The Grand Rapids Police Department posted the following to their Facebook page: 

Officer and a kid show off thier cars. Officer Ickes takes a few minutes to admire a young citizen’s new wheels. The young man’s mother sent the following letter to the police department.

My name is Heidi and I live in Grand Rapids on the NW side. On Saturday, May 7 Officer Ickes responded to a call a few houses away from my residence. After he handled his call he noticed my son lurking a short distance away. My son is five years old and was sitting in his police car power wheel on the corner of our street. Officer Ickes walked over to our home to check out my sons police car. This moment of his time made my sons day!! He got to show a real officer his car and all of the buttons. He received badge stickers and special attention my son has only dreamed of because he aspires to be an officer of the law one day. He just idolizes officers.

Just when we thought Office Ickes had moved on to his next task, he came around the corner in his car and asked my son if he wanted to check HIS car out. I attached some picture so you could see how his face lit up. A little boy’s dream came true In a moments notice. Your office let Travis hit buttons and sit in the front seat!! It was everything He has pretended for years. Your officer gave a few other kids stickers and wished us a good evening.

As he left, he was able to catch a speeder down our road, which I am also thankful for. Anyway, I wanted you to know how much this extra ten minutes of time meant to my son, and to my husband and I. His happiness is what we strive for. Thank you, and a huge thank you to Officer Ickes. Our community needs more like him.



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