Bexar County, TX. Sheriff’s Office Off duty deputy saved woman and baby

Thanks to the bravery of an off-duty deputy, a woman and baby are safe this morning.

The woman was holding on to trees and branches – and her baby – after her vehicle was swept away by high water in the 7800 block of Cagnon Road. The woman and baby were transported to a local hospital and are okay.

We’re proud of Corporal Jason Jarvis and thankful he’s okay after saving a mom and baby in a high-water rescue this morning. Was written on the Bexar County, TX. ¬†Sheriff’s Office Facebook wall today.

Corporal Jason Jarvis described the event to media at a press conference this afternoon.

“I had an obligation. This is the job. This is the profession I chose. When there’s trouble, we go help,”

Jarvis described the rescue in a news conference Wednesday afternoon. Police did not release the woman’s name or details about her condition.

As he scaled down an embankment with a civilian he could hear the lady crying out before he could see her.

When he finally spotted her, she was clinging to a tree with one arm and holding her infant in the other arm. The force of the water had ripped off the child’s clothes and diaper along with most of the woman’s clothes, he said.

“I swam over. I was actually like Tarzan, grabbing branches as I made my way over to her,” he said.

The child was “blue in the face” and shaking uncontrollably. “I told her ‘hand me the baby.’ And she reached over and kind of like tossed her up to me.”

He swam back and handed the child to the civilian standing in shallow water. He swam back for the mother and she clung to his arm as they returned to shallow water.

“I was in the right place at the right time. This outcome could have been much more grim. Thankfully I was there and this outcome turned positive.”


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