Fort Kent, ME. Honorary Officer and Date get escort to Sr. Prom Video gone Viral

Fort Kent, ME. Police Department Honorary Officer Ethan HIll and his prom date Sophie Saunders given a Police escort to the Sr. Prom

On May 14, Ethan Hill and his Prom date Sophie Saunders arrived to the senior prom in style, a Fort Kent Maine Police car drove up with its emergency lights activated signaling their arrival to cheers from their peers. 

As Ethan exited the vehicle he walked around the vehicle and opened the door for his prom date Sophie and the two stood for photos as one would expect as the two were picked as the Prom King and Queen for the year. Both being special needs students, has not stopped them from showing how special they are.

Bringing joy where they go Ethan has been an Honorary Police Officer with the Fort Kent Police Department for quite some time and always brings a smile with him as he wears his uniform with pride.

The video has gone viral and watching it you can see why.


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