Winter Garden, Fl. Officer rammed with vehicle, suspect shot

David Patrick Moran, 37, of Mount Dora, is accused of ramming his car into a police officer after committing an assault and vandalism at the pizza shop where he had worked.

The incident occurred on Friday at about 4:00 P.M. at the Italian Garden Pizzeria in the 13700 block of West Colonial Drive. 

Moran had returned to the Pizzeria where he worked as a delivery man irate that his last delivery had not given him a tip.

According to WFTV9 the owner of the restaurant Emad Elsherbny who gave an interview stated: said Moran was late to work and behaved oddly. “He looked sleepy, couldn’t talk. Within a couple of minutes of being here, he tried to reach for something and fell,” Elsherbny said. “For me, honestly, that’s the first time I’ve seen him that way.”

Moran became irate after a customer didn’t tip him following a delivery, so Elsherbny told him to go home for the day.

“And he said ‘No, I’m going home for good,’” Elsherbny said. “He ran at me and grabbed my chest, and here I am, I’m on my back. My head slammed to the floor on my back.”

The Winter Garden Police were called to the scene but Moran had left. Moran began a series of calls to the restaurant to pick up his last paycheck and the Police of Winter Garden wanted to interview him to get his side of the story according to Lt. Keith Ralston.

Moran eventually returned and when he did the Officers attempted to intervene. Moran spotted the officers and used his vehicle to run into one of the Officers who has not been identified.  Investigators said that Moran drove his car around the building, hopped a curb and pinned an officer against a dumpster. That’s when officers fired at the suspect several times.

The officer was struck and was pinned against a dumpster with Moran’s vehicle.

According to a witness of the event Michael Thompson, 24, who works at Gochi Sushi Cafe a couple doors down from the pizzeria   “The officer was yelling like he was in excruciating pain,”.

The officer whose leg was broken underwent surgery Saturday morning at Orlando Regional Medical Center. His condition isn’t known and police didn’t identify him.

Moran was believed to have been shot in the chest while in his vehicle. He was immediately removed from the vehicle and taken to a local area hospital. His condition is not known at this time.

Sources; WESH2 : Orlando Sentinel : News6 : WFTV9

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