Greensboro Police Department Releases video of Chieu Vo Shooting – critics not interested in “context”

Media and critics in uproar in court of public opinion, refusing to face facts, makes the job tougher on cops.

In March 2014 An officer from the Greensboro Police Department responded to a woman who was an emotionally disturbed person that was threating her mother with an 8 inch bladed knife.  Officer Tim Bloch responded to the scene to do what he could and was immediately found by the 911 caller. 

Upon arrival he found the woman who was outside brandishing the weapon named Chieu Vo, she still had the weapon in her hand and was identified by the 911 caller who was standing right behind Officer Bloch using him as a human shield.

The Officer issues commands to the person no less than 3 times before firing his weapon and continued to do so as the woman walked toward innocent citizens brandishing the weapon without regard for other human life. She retained the weapon even as he fired his in an attempt to stop her forward momentum.

The entire event was captured on his body camera and was held as evidence until now. The shooting was investigated by the officers department; it was presented to a grand jury and then to a federal prosecutor and the officer was found to be justified in his actions.

From the time the Officer exited his vehicle to the time he was advised where the woman was he had 21 seconds.

Within 3 seconds he was confronted with the woman walking toward himself and other people who were around him now in life threatening positions because of her actions.

Yet reporters lead the story of events with “Six seconds. Six seconds is about how long it took between the moments a Greensboro police officer saw an armed woman and when he shot her.”

It almost sounds like the officer jumped out of his car and deliberately looked for the first person he could find to shoot.

They also complain that the release of the video took too long and came with too many stipulations. That the Chief of Police Wayne Scott wanted the incident to be in “context”, apparently, people do not want things to be investigated or be in context.

Greensboro Police Department Police Chief Wayne Scott released the video from the camera worn by Officer Bloch, the Chief briefed members of the media on the sequence of events through a presentation that was viewed last week by City Council and the family of the woman. The briefing included the disclosure of a 9-1-1 recording, radio communications, and portions of the body worn camera recording.

Full Briefing by Chief Wayne Scott (23:54)

Apparently that wasn’t enough for anyone. “But its release took too long, caused too much Release of Vo video shouldn't have come with conditions, some say (Videos) - Gre_2016-05-12_09-30-49turmoil and came with too many conditions attached, some open government advocates and journalists said Wednesday.” Said the News and Record. The article continued on: It should have been a victory for local activists and media outlets, who pressed for the video’s release immediately after the shooting and again in recent weeks.Instead, some expressed frustration with Wednesday’s events and the City Council’s decision not to release it until Scott could provide “context.”

What people want is to have instant access to partial information so that they can make up their own minds. Demand that officers do their jobs differently because they have watched television. They have read things on the internet or they have seen videos on Youtube and read comments on Facebook.

(Body camera video 1:14)

This is how our justice system should now work. Not by taking things into context, like how quickly a stabbing can occur. How quickly a person can move or how fast an officer can be disabled, stabbed and his weapon taken from him. How fast many people can be injured by one person who is on drugs and does not feel pain.

No, people who have never dealt with that side of Law Enforcement should be making all the decisions. The ones who are carrying signs protesting about brutality of officers, not so concerned about officers going home because as we all know “it is their job to be shot, stabbed, beaten and killed” in the line of duty.

Greensboro police release body cam video of deadly officer-involved shooting of _2016-05-12_10-09-05

Or is it?

Perhaps we should take a look at how quickly things can happen in just six seconds. This officer from Miami-Dade Police Department stopped an emotionally disturbed man from burning down a gas station. But because he did not have distance or time, he was stabbed with a screw driver multiple times before being able to shoot him and save his own life. It happened very quickly. Under 6 seconds!

In CCTV Footage these two youths were stabbed together by one person in under 6 seconds with a blade that was much less than 8 inches long and one died from his injuries.

Now protesters are demanding that Officer Tim Bloch who left the Department face charges and somehow that he was at fault because the woman who was wielding the knife did not speak English but did speak Vietnamese. So she apparently did not understand the officer. Who was in uniform, pointing a weapon at her, while backing up screaming “Put it down! Put it down! Put it down! I’m telling you put it down!”

The other complaint is that the officer should not have shot her because she was not thinking clearly. Let’s recap the two 911 calls that Officer Bloch was working off of from his dispatcher second hand.

According to the News and Record of Greensboro:

The first 911 call begins with a woman screaming, “No.” She then asks dispatchers to send an officer to an apartment complex in the 4000 block of North Hewitt Street. She reports that a woman carrying a meat cleaver is chasing another woman. She explains that the woman with the knife is chasing her mother. She also says the woman had chased her mother a few weeks before, though police were not called at the time. “She’s fussing at my door with that knife in her hand,” the caller says.

Within 21 seconds of the officer’s arrival on the scene there are other people walking about telling him where the woman had gone and direct him to that location. They give him no additional information nor is there time for him to gather any additional information. Only where she is at this time because he still doesn’t know.

The violent attack occurs in which Officer Bloch says that his training took over which probably saved his life and perhaps the lives of others. He was also not in favor of the video being shown because it did not show him giving the woman first aid immediately after the incident and he feared backlash now that the video has been shown.

How quickly can attacks occur? Look at the following 2 videos, they are very short. In Both instances, the officers were given virtually no time to react. LESS than “six seconds” as was painfully drawn out by reporters over the Greensboro story.

Perhaps six seconds in real life and death encounters is quite a bit longer than some people would have others believe.

After nearly two years protesters carrying signs chanting “No Justice No Peace” and “Stop killing our people” crowded the officer and harassed him as he attempted to answer questions to media. Not interested in “context”, they only see one side of the story. Someone died, they wanted to see someone punished for it.

Context no longer matters when it comes to Police officers. In another instance just a short while ago an officer in Tennessee who was working in a housing project witnessed an assault a woman. When the officer Matthew Cammarn attempted to arrest the 22 year old suspect he saw who had assaulted the woman in the crowd he was pulled to the ground, suffered a concussion as he was dragged by on lookers and kicked by members of the crowd himself. The suspect Brian Shannon, 22 fled on foot and the officer got up from the ground and gave chase.

Officer Cammarn should have been commended by members of the community for trying to help the woman who had been assaulted. However, if you look on Youtube, you will find titles such as “Tennessee Police Officer Gets Attacked At Nashville & Runs Away!” with a blurry video that shows nothing but mayhem. It is propaganda piece intent on making the Officer look bad, when they should be praising the officer for defending the women of their community.

This is the twisted view that others present of the events in Nashville with the title of the video being “Tennessee Police Officer Gets Attacked At Nashville _ Runs Away!” (Mirrored on WBL from HipHopMedia)

If this was the ONLY video that they were able to find on the matter, I can see why they would think he officer ran away. However, it did not take long to find the real video. There are several videos out now that have been stating the Officer ran away when in fact he was surrounded, attacked by thugs and was only protecting members of the community.

Officers doing their best to help citizens daily across the country are being given a bad name by the very people they are trying to protect, by the media who are looking to increase sales in advertising, by politicians who are looking for votes and by criminals who want nothing more than victims to prey upon without Officers to defend them.

It is time to expose the people who are using officers as scape goats for their own gain, to stop pandering to these people who have agitated bad situations for their own gain. Do not support institutions that are perpetuating lies like “hands up don’t shoot” it has been proven that it never happened. Yet an officers life was ruined just for doing his job and not dying for it.

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