Charleston, W.V. Police change diaper, feed hungry 2-year-old girl left home alone

Charleston, W.V. Police Posted the following to their Facebook page:

The Charleston Police Department responded to a vehicle crash on May 9, 2016. One of the drivers was a pregnant female who was injured in the crash. She stated that she had a two year old daughter that was at home by herself. Cpl. Kapeluck and Cpl. McMicken went to the home and knocked several times with no answer. Kapeluck found the front door unlocked and entered the residence. He found the two year old girl upstairs with no one there to care for her. 

Officers McMicken and Kapeluck changed the child’s wet diaper and prepared breakfast for the girl after she told the officers that she was hungry. When Sgt. Duncan arrived on scene, McMicken was spoon feeding the little girl in her high chair. Cpl. Fields was able to contact the father, who arrived several minutes later. Charges are pending for this incident. CPS was also notified. This is a great example of our officers going above and beyond the call of duty and shows the true caring heart it takes to do the job. Great job to all of the officers who responded to this call, specifically Cpl. Kapeluck and Cpl. McMicken.

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